Jason Paul

Stage Name: J.P. Edwards

There's definitely something magical about reading.
- Jason Paul


Jason Paul was born in a small town in Western Pennsylvania, USA. He is a powerhouse dad who enjoys spending time with his daughter, family, and his Boston Terrier. You’re sure to see him with a backwards baseball cap. He uses his creativity in many ways; including acting, producing, and writing. He made his children’s book debut with the award winning Lighting Bug Lights and is also known for his award winning film Malign (2018).

He encourages people of all ages to pursue their creativity, no matter how long it takes.

Jason Paul Washington's Armor


The Indie Post

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Jason Paul Collage

Jason Paul Collage

Small Town Big City

Jason Paul City 2

Voice Overs

Listen below for a sample of Jason Paul's voice overs.

jasonpaul · Jason Paul Cartoon VO Demo (Extended) V3.mp3

Upcoming Projects

For a list of upcoming projects, please see my IMDb.
For a demo reel, please contact my agent.

The Creative Mind Foundation

The Creative Mind Foundation was created in the honor of my daughter. It is a mentor program that gives once in a lifetime opportunities to our youth, providing them with real life experience in becoming a published author.

Jason Paul kicked off The Creative Mind Foundation with a small contest to win a one-on-one conversation with a few students in which he read to. However, this was no ordinary conversation for one lucky student. Jason Paul was so inspired by one of the the books that were written that he created The Creative Mind Foundation. You can read more about this here.